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The best trailers have music to pull you in when they aren't showing direct gameplay and the gameplay has to get to the heart and SOUL of why the game is supposed to be interesting. I see lots of indie game trailers that are built like AAA trailers and they're awful to watch. Just out loud I describe what they've shown to me and often in 15 seconds they've shown that you can run, jump and....there are 4 biomes and some NPCS talk. This is NOT a trailer this is a disaster, SELL GAMES! Just tell me what it is!

The biggest big company offender recently was Princess Peach Showtime, numerous times myself and other commenters couldn't figure out a clear answer to the phrase "what do you do".....trailer after trailer after trailer it was so hard to nail down WHAT you do on the whole.

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100% agree, the biggest way you can make things easier on yourself is to figure out:

1) “what do you do”

2) “what makes it different”

3) “what’s the 2-3 coolest things about it”

And figure out how to communicate those in the fewest words or images possible. Applies to trailers, tweets, Steam pages, everything

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